Work In Progress / 18 January 2021

Murder Diner WIP

I am currently creating a fully modular scene called Murder Diner. A environment taking place on a classic American Diner at night, where a recent murder has taken place. I wanted to create this scene in order to practice my modularity skills as well as lighting and post process. I have been learning a lot creating this scene, specially creating Trimsheets. I used the diner on the show Riverdale as a reference for the lighting. 

  • Here is a introduction shot of how the scene currently looks, there is still a lot to be done and I am also adding more content and polishing it more on the coming days. There are more details bellow on the process and what needs to be done still. 

  • Here are two trimsheets I created:

  • I also tested the modularity of the assets inside the engine. I created the pieces to snap on the grid with the pivot at every 50. For the roof pieces I placed the pivot on the other end in case I want it to duplicate ir and mirror ir to the other side, it works easier. 

  • Here is a few shots on how the scene currently looks as it is. I am going to add a few more props to the scene, textures for some assets currently using only a plain red material and I am also planning on adding a bit of an exterior with an HDRI.