Star Trail Props

Luciano gatto highresscreenshot00003

Props populating the control room environment

Luciano gatto controls smaller

The Chair and Controls in the control room environment

Luciano gatto tvtablemed smaller

Info Screen, Controls table and Medical Control props

Luciano gatto highresscreenshot00001

The Medical Bay environment shot

Luciano gatto engineturret smaller

Hero Assets: The Engine that has to be fixed by the player and a Level 2 turret that wasn't used in the final build.

Luciano gatto turretslvl1 smaller

Hero Assets: Level 1 turrets, both textured for its normal form and broken form

Luciano gatto cryopods smaller

Hero Asset: Cryopods the palyer had to keep from breaking for the survival of the crew. Normal and Broken textures

Luciano gatto highresscreenshot00002

Cryopods on the Medical Bay environment

Luciano gatto drone smaller

Hero Asset: A Drone the player can control to collect resources

Luciano gatto modularboxes smaller

Modular Boxes that populate the environment

Star Trail Props

This were props and hero assets for a fully functional game project called "Star Trail" for my Applied Game Design class at Savannah College of Art and Design. I modeled, textured and prepped for programmers all the props and hero assets the player would use and populate the environment. I modeled them in Maya and textured in Substance Painter. Models had to be low poly in order to fit the artist standard set for the game.

I was responsible for the models, textures and placement of all props in this project.
Game logo created by:
Environment modular ship pieces created by:

Programs used:
-Substance Painter
-Unreal Engine 4