Burning Lair UE5 [The Last of Us Fan Art]

Hey everyone! In further exploring UE5, new Quixel assets and Lumen. I decided to revamp another scene of mine in celebration of The Last of Us remake announcement for PS5. Using UE5 and Lumen I made new lighting for both versions of the scene, added some new particle effects from niagara and new foliage and trees from Quixel.

Original Post and link to concept art follow:

I really loved a concept art by Lee Fitzgerald, who is also a really big fan of the stunning world of The Last of Us, so I really wanted to give it a try in 3D inside Unreal. I used this scene to practice my lighting, with both a day-time and night-time version and also practice my subsurface scattering skills with the covered car. I made some slight changes from the concept, but I believed I made justice to the concept overall. I created most assets inside Maya, with the exception of the foliage (megascans) and the human body I got it from Epic's metahuman, I did however change the rig of the character and textures. The concept is based on a Canadian ice hockey skating ring, hence the Canadian flag. But I also like the idea that the events of TLOUS happened in the entire world and the Fireflies are there too.
Check out Lee's beautiful concept art and profile! Make sure to follow him and thank you Lee for such an amazing piece and allowing me to use it for portfolio and practicing purposes.