Space Pirate's Quarter

Space Pirate's Quarter Environment Fly-Through

Luciano gatto newnewshot4
Luciano gatto shot3
Luciano gatto shot2
Luciano gatto shot6
Luciano gatto newshot2
Luciano gatto shot5
Luciano gatto shot4
Luciano gatto newshot
Luciano gatto beerbarrelportfolio

Beer Barrel Wireframe and Maps

Luciano gatto gunportfolio

Jim Hawkin's gun Wireframe and Maps

Luciano gatto piratessmallprops

Close up of smaller props

Space Pirate's Quarter

This environment is based on Disney's Treasure Planet mix of Victorian pirates with futuristic tech and space travel. I wanted to create a unique environment that is not commonly seen mixing popular genre just like the Disney movie. The gun is modeled after the main character Jim Hawkin's own weapon. I also placed a homage to the movie in the environment on the form of a book, the tale of Treasure Planet, the pirate who finds it will encounter the loot of a thousand worlds. I modeled props in both Maya and ZBrush, with all textures being made in Substance Painter, I also created the particles in the hologram table in Unreal Engine. The final render was done in Unreal Engine, using the level sequence.

I am responsible for all aspects of this project.

Software used:
-Substance Painter
-Unreal Engine 4