Fairy Tale Hunter Gun

Luciano gatto newgunrender

Main Model

Fairy Tale Gun 3D Model Version With Blood Turntable

Luciano gatto fairygunportfolio

Gun With Texture Maps

Luciano gatto newgunrender3

Left side view

Luciano gatto newgunrender2

Fairy Tale Gun 3D Model Version Without Blood Turntable

Luciano gatto newgunrender12

Textures without the Blood

Fairy Tale Gun 3D Model Version Without Blade Turntable

Luciano gatto newgunrender11

Gun without the Blade and Blood

Luciano gatto gun7

Previous version of the blade

Luciano gatto gun6

Detail close up with other Blade

Luciano gatto fairygunreferences


Fairy Tale Hunter Gun

For this project, I was tasked with creating a gun with a blade. I created a weapon that would be utilized by a Fairy Tale monster hunter. The gun utilizes magical powers to fire, hence the lights are it's powers. The blade can be detached from the gun by pressing the circular button and used for hand to hand combat. All models were created in Zbrush with textures done in Substance Painter. I created two versions of textures; One with blood splatter and one without the blood. I also created two versions of the blade, with the one with the light power being selected as the main version. All renders were done in Marmoset. The gun's shape was highly inspired by the gun used by the character Jhin from the game League of Legends, with modifications I created.
I was responsible for all aspects of this project.
Programs used: 
-Marmoset Toolbag 3 
-Substance Painter