The Ritual

4K Fly through

The Ritual

I created this environment between class work for my last few weeks at SCAD. In this piece a demonic ritual has taken place and a beast has awakened in a old hospital. There has been attempts to destroy the beast with bullets and common objects such as a fire extinguisher. The beast has caused damage killed those that tried to stop it. It still lies inside the hospital in what some call the red room. I created all the models inside Maya and ZBrush. I created a few materials inside Substance Designer and utilized existing materials as well from Substance Painter and Substance Source. I also utilized Adobe Illustrator to create a few alpha maps used to texture some objects. The entire scene is modular and assembled inside Unreal Engine 4. This project has been Draft Selected for The Rookies Awards 2020.

I am responsible for all aspects of this project.




-Substance Painter

-Substance Designer

-Substance Source

-Adobe Illustrator

-Unreal Engine 4